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Dr. Fathy Gabr Ali Mostafa

Specialist – Urology

Dr. Fathy completed his Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from the Alexandria University in 1994. He acquired a Masters in Urology from the Cairo University in Egypt  and joined premarital counseling team there. After completing his residency in Urology from the National Medical Institute of Damanhur,  he moved to Saudi Arabia  where he practiced as a Specialist with the Ministry of Health.
Dr. Fathy is extensively experienced in his field and is skilled in surgical as well as endoscopy procedures which include emergencies like upper and lower urinary tract trauma, external genital trauma, testicular torsion, priapism to name a few. Dr Fathy is an expert in treatment of Erectile Dysfunctions, sub fertility, & premature ejaculation. He is also skilled in treatment of Genito-urinary tract infections and Inflammations and elective procedures such as hydrocele and varicocele surgeries, TURP, TURT, stone surgeries, undescended testis, simple nephrectomy and urethro-cystoscopy.

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