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The Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre is one of the key services that we offer at the Burjeel Medical Centre, Oman. It has a balanced focus on multiple aspects such as patient care, education, treatment as well as systematic management of diabetes and other endocrine disorders. The Diabetes and Endocrinology Center is well equipped to handle a wide variety of diabetic issues and endocrine conditions. Our team based approach allows us to deliver world class results in the care, management & treatment of diabetes.

Key Services

  • Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders – at Burjeel Medical Centre, we offer state of the art care which delivers the full spectrum of services including diabetes, thyroid, as well as other endocrinology and metabolic disorders.
  • Thyroid Disorders – our team is equipped to treat all kind of disorders affecting the thyroid such as hormonal issues, hyperthyroidism and other thyroid disorders.
  • General Diabetes Management – diabetes can be controlled by a number of healthy interventions which include better nutrition, enhanced physical activity & maintaining a healthy weight. Doctors at the Burjeel Medical Centre , Oman help you to successfully manage your diabetes
  • Insulin Management & use of Insulin Pumps – depending on your case, our specialists help educate you on the use of the Insulin pumps and provide guidance on insulin management.
  • Obesity - being overweight increases the chances of a person being diabetic. The medical team at Burjeel Medical Centre, Oman offers solutionswhich will help in managing diabetes as well as excessive weight